coexCost-effective access with Gatic COEX.
COEX is a development from Gatic, aimed at reducing the cost of vital underground access to projects where the safe protection of underground services and equipment is required. This makes COEX ideal for use on projects such as gas and electricity sites, power stations and sub stations, sewerage and water treatment work, pumping stations and commercial and industrial sites.

Light, but tough.
Comprised of a comprehensive system of single, duct and multi span access covers and frames, COEX offers the versatility of a galvanised steel frame combined with the rigidity and durability of ductile iron covers. This engineering allows for shallower, lighter covers to be installed, offering an affordable alternative to expensive and heavy deep steel or concrete slabs.

Standards and specification.
All Gatic COEX covers are manufactured from ductile iron components to BS EN 1563:2011, with side frames and removable beams made to BS EN 124:1994. COEX covers are designed to withstand test load and maximum permanent set criteria specified in BS EN 124:1994 for each loading category.

A range of benefits:
• Non-rocking
Correctly installed, Gatic covers will be nonrocking under slow moving traffic.
• Easy removal and replacement
The machined underside seating face of Gatic covers allows the sliding out of covers for easy removal or replacement.
• Anti-slip surface covers
Concrete infill covers provide a non-slip surface similar to the surrounding areas. Solid top covers incorporate a raised lozenge pattern on the surface.
• Secure and vandal resistant
Covers are designed to prevent tampering and unauthorised removal.
• Ventilation
Ventilation can be provided via ventilation tubes fitted in recessed covers.
• Closed keyways
Gatic cover keyways are closed and fitted with plastic plugs to prevent the ingress of dirt.
• Secure support
The clear opening width between supporting frames are at least 7mm greater than the pit/chamber design to allow for minor deviations in pit construction dimensions.
• Environmentally Considerate
Gatic COEX is designed and manufactured to have the minimal environmental impact.

To find out more about COEX and how your projects can benefit from using this economical new Gatic development, please download our latest brochure.

slotdrain_portobelloPortobello Trade Park.
When construction on Portobello Trade Park began in September
2014, there was much excitement amongst the SME community in the Gateshead area. With high visibility and easy access from the A1, the new development will be the first new speculative light industrial space to be built in the area for over 6 years. It offers SMEs the chance to occupy brand new, high quality premises for the first time since before the recession.

With additional funding from the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, the Ravensworth development will also benefit the local community, generating an expected 244 new jobs.

Gatic Slotdrain: The obvious choice.
Not wanting to spoil the modern look and feel of this new development, Robertson Construction chose Gatic Slotdrain for its combination of superior engineering standards and a clean, unobtrusive profile. Slotdrain’s wide range of products caters to a host of applications. For this particular project, Gatic Castlot was specified for tarmac areas, Gatic PaveSlot for paved areas and Gatic UltraSlot for concrete areas.

access_covers_pilmuirThe Forres flood alleviation scheme.
Although only partly completed, the Forres flood alleviation scheme, which started construction in September 2012 and is due for completion 2015 has already made a huge impact on the area and its people.

On the 11th of August 2014, the £45 million scheme stopped the flooding of an estimated 700 homes in the Forres, avoiding damages of up to £27 million.

Pilmuir and Gatic.
The pumping station consists of three large water pumps that may need replacing at any time, so access to the pumps needs to be either totally or partially removable at short notice. Gatic provides the perfect solution to this problem. We are very proud to be a part of this influential project and look forward to seeing how it improves the lives of the local community in coming years.

Gatic reliability.
Gatic’s reputation for manufacturing high-quality, reliable access covers meant that the engineer didn’t have to think twice about contacting us to manufacture an 80 part Multispan cover at the Pilmuir pumping station.

A proven track record.
With a history of installation dating back more than 80 years, Gatic is without doubt the proven international standard for engineered heavy duty access covers. Today, Gatic offers a broad range of ductile iron machined access covers in a variety of surface finishes and load ratings to cope with the harshest and most punishing environments.

slotdrain_cpdGatic Slotdrain is a well-established surface water drainage product range, specialising in the collection, conveyance and attenuation of surface water. Our CPD presentations are widely attended and well received. We’re organising a new round of visits now. All you have to do is tell us when you want us to visit you.

We supply all attendees with a copy of our comprehensive design software during the presentation.

Gatic CPD Presentation
Innovative Surface Water Drainage Design

The objective
• Propose methods for improving drainage efficiency
    • Showcase a product with long term outstanding performance
    • Detail the construction process

Presentation Content
    • Company introduction and evaluation
    • Definition of product types covered
    • Current surface water drainage methods
    • Relevant standards
    • Optimum solutions
    • Proposed solutions
    • Architectural features
    • Design demonstration
    • Q&A

Case study
    • Value engineering through design
    • Installation and cost saving exercise
    • Maintenance and performance

filcoten_the_best_channel_drainageIntroducing Gatic Filcoten. Whilst Gatic are renowned for developing and pioneering the highly efficient and market leading product in slot drainage – Gatic Slotdrain – we have always understood that there are certain instances where channel drainage is more relevant than slots.

However, being market leaders in innovation and development, we didn’t just want to introduce any old channel drainage. We wanted to introduce a better, stronger and more eco-friendly channel drainage product. Enter Gatic Filcoten.

The UK’s strongest channel drainage. Because of it’s design and cement-bonded fibre composite structure, Gatic Filcoten is the UK’s strongest channel drainage product. Filcoten is available in three ranges – Filcoten Self, Filcoten Tec and Filcoten Pro. Combined, the three product ranges cover loadings between A15kN and F900kN.

The UK’s strongest channel drainage. Because of it’s design and cement-bonded fibre composite structure, Gatic Filcoten is the UK’s strongest channel drainage product. Filcoten is available in three ranges – Filcoten Self, Filcoten Tec and Filcoten Pro. Combined, the three product ranges cover loadings between A15kN and F900kN.

  • Temperature, frost and heat resistant. This ensures that Filcoten benefits from a long service life.
  • Improved impact stability. Greater safety when handling and installing channels.
  • Lower transport costs and swifter installation. Gatic Filcoten is up to 70% lighter than other channel drainage products. This conserves resources and means faster installation.
  • 100% recyclable. Filcoten is free from artificial resins and solvents and manufactured with a focus on conserving resources.
  • Non-flammable. Filcoten is constructed using only a mineral mix, meaning it does not have a fire load.
  • High compressive strength. As a result of this, Filcoten achieves the best flow characteristics and a self-cleaning effect.

To find out more about the Filcoten range and to see how your projects might benefit from using this innovative new channel drainage product, please download our latest brochure here.

london_gateway_lined_with_gaticLondon Gateway returns to Gatic.
Gatic is proud to announce that London Gateway has looked to us again for their drainage and access needs. The port’s recent expansion has called on us for an extra 1,500m of Slotdrain and 60 multi part covers to facilitate the heavy duty loads and extreme industrial use that the port’s day to day activities demand.

The UK’s first 21st century deep sea container port.
The port itself is a huge project, with 2,700 metres of quay, 6 deep-water berths of 17 metres, alongside 24 giant quay cranes and an annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU. Our precision engineered Slotdrain and Access Covers products are capable of handling both the harsh weather that this project is exposed to and the heavy industrial and trade use that this significant port will endure.

Both Gatic Slotdrain and Gatic Access Covers were originally specified when the port began construction in 2010, with some 2,500 metres of Slotdrain and over 700 multi part covers initially installed. We are immensely proud of our continuing involvement and contribution to this project and look forward to working on the project again in future.

Gatic UltraSlot was specified here at a load rating of F900. For more information on UltraSlot, please visit:

parade_in_stainless_steelAnother new product range from Gatic
Following the successful introduction of AssistLift, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of Gatic Parade, our new range of stainless steel and aluminium access covers.

The launch of these attractive new covers will be welcome news for architects, contractors and engineers who require access that complements the aesthetics of carefully designed and sophisticated flooring.

Access for elegant flooring
Gatic Parade combines a variety of cover types that, as a full range, provides attractive access for any of the following types of flooring:
• Ceramic tiles
• Marble
• Terrazzo
• Concrete resin
• Wood
• Paving
• Granite
• All kinds of hard floors

This new range of covers provides discreet access for both light loading and medium-light loading applications, from kitchens and schools, to railway stations and sports centres.

Up to date features
We’ve been sure to incorporate some of the latest design and functionality elements that are now standard in our existing access covers. For example, Gatic Parade can be hinged or lift out, with the aid of custom engineered lifting keys.

Expertise in access
Bringing new and improved products to specifiers that meet or exceed up to date requirements and expectations is a crucial part of what we do. From our latest release of Gatic AssistLift (for easy, single person operation) to Gatic Parade, our new range in elegant stainless steel and aluminium, we’re working hard to ensure that we provide the best in access cover technology and engineering for you no matter what size or type of project you’re working on.

Get in touch
If you’re specifying for internal or light loading access, for shopping centres, education, urban landscaping or even airports and sports stadia (or if you simply want to know more for future reference), please visit our website where we’ve added a new page of information, and a downloadable brochure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to talk to us, please give us a call: +44(0)1304 203 545